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ELIS “Catharsis” (NAPALM RECORDS, 2009)




Style: Gothic Metal
Country: Austria / Liechtenstein / Switzerland
Release Date: 27 Nov 09 (EU), 15 Dec 09 (US)



Sandra Schleret – Vocals
Pete Streit – Guitars
Chris Gruber – Guitars
Tom Saxer – Bass & Additional Vocals
Max Näscher – Drums & Percussion

After the Swiss / Liechtenstein band Erben der Schöpfung released the album „Twilight“, all but one of the members took on the name of Elis and signed a deal with Napalm Records to quickly release “God’s Silence, Devil’s Temptation” in August 2003. Producer Alex Krull gave the album a very powerful yet transparent sound and it quickly entered the German DAC Charts at number 8. In addition, the band received overwhelming positive feedback from the international press and fans worldwide. Elis performed at numerous festivals that summer and increased their fan base with every show.
In February 2004, Elis embarked on a headlining tour with Eisheilig and The Vision Bleak. Not resting on their laurels, the band entered the studio in March and recorded twelve new songs, which showed a more mature and more sophisticated side. “Dark Clouds in a Perfect Sky” contained, just like its two predecessors, an adaptation of a Georg Trakl poem. The album was released on 4 October 2004, at which time Elis had already embarked on a European Tour with Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes, and Battlelore. A video was shot for the atmospheric and sweeping opener “Der letzte Tag” and it earned a lot of praise, being broadcasted on both Viva and MTV. Dark Clouds in a Perfect Sky” became a great success, prompting yet another headlining tour with Visions of Atlantis and Lyriel. After struggling with line-up changes, Elis concentrated on writing new songs for their next album. These sessions gave birth to fantastic new tracks that became “Griefshire”. Sadly, the production came to a sudden halt when front lady Sabine Dünser suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away just after finishing her vocal tracks. In honor of Sabine, the remaining members decided to release “Griefshire”—an album that Sabine referred to as her “baby”. Following much deliberation as to whether or not to continue without Sabine, Elis opted to carry on and began searching for a new vocalist. They found their new front lady in Sandra Schleret (ex Dreams of Sanity), who enriched the band with her vocal skills and her charismatic personality. In the spring of 2007, Elis embarked on a European tour with Kotipelto and Chris Caffery. In autumn, the band played a tour with Gothic icons ASP. At the beginning of the tour, the single “Show me the Way” was released, which comprised Sabine’s final recorded songs and a teaser of Elis’ new voice, Sandra Schleret.

In 2008, the band focused on the successor to “Griefshire” and only performed at selected festivals (e.g., Wave Gotik Treffen, M’era Luna…). In autumn, the band returned to Alex Krull’s Mastersound Studio to record the new songs. These tracks turned out a lot heavier and more aggressive, but nevertheless kept true to the band’s trademark sound. In addition, Sandra shared the microphone with Michelle Darkness (End of Green) on “Warrior’s tale”. The result is a powerful duet, which enriches the already versatile sound of “Catharsis”.
Elis return from the depths of life with their darkest and strongest album ever: "Catharsis" or healing through suffering. Heavy guitar riffs and catchy, yet unexpected compositions unite with detailed vocal melodies in a charming symbiosis. The new front lady Sandra Schleret plays impressively with the nuances of her voice to include oriental melodic sounds, fragile emotions, and rock odysseys, proving her extensive vocal capabilities. The experiences of the previous year, i.e., the dark times that Elis and their new vocalist lived through, form the basis of the lyrical content. At first, each band member tackled the demons alone, but soon found the necessary strength in each other to combat destiny's blows and create the music that with its incessant energy will place the band once again at the top of the Gothic Metal scene. The powerful, yet clean production is the work of Alex Krull (Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity). "Catharsis is an extraordinary Gothic Metal jewel that once heard, will not voluntarily be allowed to slip out of your hands

Previous Napalm Records Releases:
God’s Silence, Devil’s Temptation (2003)
Dark Clouds in a perfect Sky (2004)
Griefshire (2006)
Show me the Way EP (2007)


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