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HOLLENTHON Tyrants and Wraiths" (NAPALM RECORDS, 2009)




Style: Extreme Dark Metal
Country: Austria
Release Date: 30 Oct 09 (EU), 03 Nov 09 (USA/CAN)

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Martin Schirenc Vocals, Guitars
Martin Arzberger Guitars
Gregor Marboe Bass
Mike Gröger Drums
Elena Schirenc Vocals

The beginnings of HOLLENTHON date back to 1994, a time of an active Austrian Black Metal Syndicate
and an incognito project known as VUZEM. At the urging of A.B.M.S. members, vocalist, guitarist, and
composer Martin Schirenc anonymously included two VUZEM tracks (Invocation and Von Denen Vampyren) on the self-produced compilation Norici Obscura Pars. Following favorable reviews and multiple requests, Schirenc decided to release a full-length recording of VUZEM's music. Other commitments, however, delayed the realization of this endeavor until late 1998, when unfinished material was brought to the attention of Napalm Records. Shortly thereafter, VUZEM signed to the label, releasing the critically acclaimed debut Domus Mundi in 1999 under the HOLLENTHON banner. In June 2001, HOLLENTHON released With Vilest of Worms to Dwell. Not unlike its predecessor, it boasts of a superb soundtrack-like production, as well as a fierce and wicked atmosphere created by a perfect symbiosis of heavy guitars, symphonic interludes, thrilling choirs, and bewitching melodies. Not long after the release of the album, HOLLENTHON embarked on a European tour with EISREGEN and SIEBENBÜRGEN. The line-up that since the days of Domus Mundi already included drummer Mike Gröger was completed by bassist Mario Klausner and guitarist Werner Freinbichler. This line-up also went on to perform at various festivals including Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, and Brutal Assault, to name but a few. Although enjoying much success with HOLLENTHON, Schirenc turned his attention to the newly reformed PUNGENT STENCH and while he continued to write new material, it would be some time before HOLLENTHON released a follow-up.

In early 2008, Opus Magnum was finally complete. Darker than ever before and heavier than its predecessor, the album combined the passion found in classical music with exotic, ethnic melodies, and the brutal energy of metal. Like no other, HOLLENTHON had again succeeded in effortlessly creating a perfect symbiosis of these diverse styles, thus capturing the listener with the sound of the very first note and refusing to ever let go. Following the split of PUNGENT STENCH, Schirenc took the opportunity to choose a permanent line-up for HOLLENTHON, recruiting Gregor Marboe, who had also delivered pungent bass lines since 2006, and guitarist Martin Arzberger. Mastermind Martin Schirenc has kept his promise to not make his loyal fanbase wait yet another 7 years for new Hollenthon material. This sonorous extreme dark metal apocalypse proceeds to the next round with "Tyrants and Wraiths". The MCD comprises 4 brand-new exclusive tracks in Hollenthon's unique style, which once again makes use of the rampant energy and brutality of metal, combining them with atmospheric melody lines to create a homogenous end result. The Austrian cult band delivers an uncompromising symbiosis of heaviness and melody. As a special bonus, the MCD also includes two live videos taken from the band's 2008 performance at Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting. "Tyrants and Wraiths" is an exclusive package sure to once again catapult music lovers everywhere into the eerie and fascinating world of Hollenthon!

Napalm Records Releases:
Domus Mundi (1999)
With Vilest of Worms to Dwell (2001)
Opus Magnum (2008)
Tyrants and Wraiths (2009)



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