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THE KANDIDATE “Until We Are Outnumbered” (NAPALM RECORDS, 2009)




THE KANDIDATE “Until We Are Outnumbered”
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Denmark

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Jacob Bredahl – Vocals
Allan Tvedebrink – Guitars
KB Larsen – Bass
TBA - Drums

The Kandidate (formerly The Downward Candidate) was formed as a two-man project in 2005. Having played together for over a decade, KB Larson and Allan Tvedebrink knew each other well, both personally and musically, and it soon became clear that they shared the same passion, preferences, and musical path. Eager to create a new style of hard-hitting and straight-up uncompromising metal able stand out in a somewhat stagnating metal scene, they wrote a dozen tracks and decided to team up with Kim Orneborg and Dennis Buhl to record the demo Distort & Confuse in the fall of 2005. The demo, recorded and produced by Berno Paulsson (Amon Amarth, The Haunted, Deranged), convinced the foursome that they were onto something big. Distort & Confuse was released worldwide in 2006. It received brilliant reviews and led The Kandidate to various live performances that subsequently would secure the band nominations in the categories of “Best New Talent” and “Best Live Act” at the annual Danish Metal Awards. The following year, Orneborg decided to part ways with The Kandidate due to time constraints. His replacement, Kim Jarlhelt came on board just in time to enjoy what would become the band’s most successful year to date, including many prestigious gigs such as an appearance at the Roskilde Festival and an extensive sold-out tour with Volbeat. In 2008, the band scrapped the idea of recording another demo and went straight to recording their debut album. After having written almost the entire album, Jarlhelt decided to quit citing personal considerations. His decision would in the end provide new and exciting opportunities for The Kandidate. After recording the instrumental tracks for the entire album with Jacob Bredahl (The Horned Almighty, JAKA, Koldborn, HateSphere, Exmortem, etc.) at his Smart n' Hard studio in October 2008, the band was still a singer short.

From the beginning, Bredahl had been absolutely 100% behind the material since first hearing the pre-recordings. His vocal talents and perfectionism soon secured him an invitation to join The Kandidate. After a brief test run and some rounds of Hennessy, Bredahl became an official member. Dennis Buhl, who had also joined HateSphere a year earlier, was unable to keep up with The Kandidate’s fast pace and was let go. During the spring and summer of 2009 the last vocal tracks were recorded. The album was completed, the name “The Kandidate” was officially adopted to mark a new era for the band, and the search for a label began, ending in late 2009 with the inking of a worldwide recording contract with Napalm Records. Denmark has always been a reliable source of firstclass metal and The Kandidate substantiates this statement more than ever with their debut "Until We Are Outnumbered". Screamer Jacob Bredahl (ex HateSphere) and his allies show the metal community just how it is done with high-velocity riffs, murderous grooves, frantic leads, and rock-hard drumming crowned by merciless vocals. The Kandidate delivers a metal inferno able to supply the scene with newfound energy. The tracks on "Until We Are Outnumbered" rage unabated, free of superfluous embellishment, and will surely provide for a cherished dose of neck pain. In short, metal fans will love this album!


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